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Smankh wrote:

Battler isn’t there when the murders are committed and that’s why he doesn’t believe (plus as you say he doesn’t want to believe). And be careful not to think that Battler and Meta-Battler is the same person. They are linked, but on different planes of existence, if you know what I mean.

I replied:

Why is meta-Battler not Battler?

If we wish to discuss, say, a tree, what we are discussing is “the spirit of the tree.” And if we discuss the spirit of the tree, we are not discussing the spirit of the spirit of the tree, but rather, the tree itself.

Any discussion about meta-Battler must ultimately be about Battler, or be endlessly recursive.


Now in all fairness, he could respond that any meta discussion is endlessly recursive. But when we talk about, say, the Platonic ideal of a horse, we are not only discussing what it means to be an ideal, but also the essential qualities of a horse.  This is important – the discussion invariably is tied to the original topic.

It’s pretty simple, but we should be careful not to forget that.

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  1. Gosh, I am in the Moritheil Review. Fame, glory and women ! Here I come !

    Also resharing GRSI comment : “Um, I don’t want to spoil the novels but let’s imagine Battler winning. Who would win ? Would he(meta-dude) be freed from Beatrice’s game ? Or would it be a particular Battler of a particular kakera. That’s all I wanted to say~
    Also Battler(kakera) is not aware of the ways crimes are committed whereas Meta-Battler observes the game. Hence some differences in their choices/personalities/beliefs.”

  2. DaCapo? what the? O_o;

    • I needed a tree. 😛

  3. Okay, I’ll admit it: I laughed.

    Only on Moritheil. 🙂

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