NYAF 2009 karaoke showdown


Fulfilling a dread prophecy that I have become some kind of karaoke blogger, the most recent round of Twitter involved a curious sort of reverse trash-talk.  Upon being asked if he would karaoke, hisuiRT replied:

You say that now. You might regret those words if you hear me sing. 😉

PatzPrime rejoined,

You are very likely to hear me sing as well and let me tell you that will make you cry it is so amazing.

narutakiRT opted to pay homage to Duma of the Silences:

I will be staying elusive and won’t be in attendance.

edsizemore placed a wager:

I’m willing to bet I’m the worst singer in the group. I’ve been told me voice makes Bob Dylan sound like Pavarotti.  Kittens & puppies commit suicide when I sing.

Ever the detective, hisuiRT posed the ultimate conundrum:

If we all stink, how am I going to keep my self proclaimed title of Super Paper: Killer of Dreams?

PatzPrime clarified:

Who stinks? You will be crying in joy because my singing will touch you so powerfully.

At this, hisuiRT conceded,

I forgot about the time you and your brother Kyle defeated that demon on a lonesome road by rocking out so hard. My bad.

This left PatzPrime the undisputed winner – though moritheil was left with the consolation that ‘Kyon-kun, denwa’ was selected to comfort a man about to leave civilization.

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  1. Karaoke showdown will be really great to watch. Can I find video of it somewhere?

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