B-E-N-U, Benugiku (Hai hai?)

In which Moritheil shamelessly parodies the Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season ED1 Single – ‘Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi iro!’


It is no secret that Benu, the grandmaster of anime podcasting, is enamored of Hayate no Gotoku‘s Hinagiku.  Between dedicating songs to her, admiring her voice actress, and gravitating towards the philosophical side of the show, he has been unhesitating with his praise and affection.

I shall top that by finally getting around to writing my philosophical article about the awesomeness of Hinagiku! lol!

Recently, however, his devotion and ability to unearth covers has caused a new wave of interest in ‘Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi iro!’.  YouTube-addicted readers may recall this karaoke version of the song from July:

In support of this effort, The Moritheil Review will post amended lyrics and translation in the near future.  Readers, will you take up the challenge of supplying the vocals?

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  1. Sounds very preppy.. >_<

  2. Nice. Maybe we can turn that into some sort of group activity.

  3. hinagiku is sexy. 😀

  4. So did no one join in the end, or am I just missing the video responses? ._. I like karaoke too, but I don’t sound that cute. XD

    • No replies thus far 😦 It’s hard to compete with professionals! I guess no one wants to.

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