Behind the making of ‘Kyon-kun, denwa.’

I doubt many of you need introduction to “Kyon-kun, denwa.”  But do you know the secret origins of the ‘Kyon-kun, denwa’ song?

As the credit line acknowledges, it’s actually a parody of a popular song by Leonard Cohen.  Here’s kd lang’s masterful (and different) rendition:

Really, this kind of parody straddles the line – otaku readers are more likely to recognize the lines and not know the original song; non-otaku are more likely to recognize the song and be baffled by the references.

What prompted it?  It may have had its origins in Anime Diet editor Ray’s singing column on Valkyira Chronicles. It may have been prompted by a conversation with editor Deb Aoki about musical talent.

Will it work?  Will it fail?  As of post time it has ~75 downloads.  Only time will tell.

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  1. I enjoyed the song not just because of the lines, but also because I actually recognize the song too, not that I know the lyrics of Hallelujah, since I just happen to know someone who listens to this kind of music a lot…

    • I see. Well, I wasn’t sure if you knew the song as well 😀 Now we know!

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