Kyon-kun, Denwa (キョンくん, 電話)

First, there was Endless Eight.

The vast series of tubes and pipes was filled with the chattering of anime bloggers.  “Kyon-kun, Denwa” became a strange rallying cry.  It was at once a symbol of resignation, a symbol of determination, and a substitute for numerous expressions like, “I hate my life,” “Same old, same old,” and “ah, right on time, reliable as clockwork.”

For weeks, the fandom united in the universal knowledge of shared suffering, the knowledge that Kyon did not answer his phone on time, would not answer on time, had never answered on time, and invariably required prompting from his imouto.

An epic orgy of twitter communication stemmed from an innocuous post:

@jeffalopolis I’m sure there will be some horrible dancing AMV with chipmunk voices singing, “Kyon-kun, denwa” :P

Jeffalopolis replied:

@moritheil great, now it will become real and horrible (kyon kun denwa will be my ringtone)

Like an unspeakable, airborne plague infecting an unsuspecting population, this snowballed with horrifying alacrity.  Tensai immediately cut this:

The result? The resolution to use “Kyon-kun, denwa” ringtones as the next self-identifying otaku trait.

Telmmik noted the woe of otaku:

I would have migrated all of my ringtones to my iphone, but really, no one ever calls

And now, non-otaku will have even less incentive.

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  1. Kyon kun denwa.

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