Otaku Speed Dating to be unleashed at Sogen Con

Sepiroth of MaiOtaku.com has decided to help socially-stunted otaku hook up. He will host a speed dating event for 14 people at Sogen Con and, if it goes well, expand it to other cons.

komori wearing white

Anime bloggers weigh in:

Moritheil: This sounds uproariously funny.

PatzPrime: That sounds like a awesome Idea.

Moritheil: Well . . . I generally see otaku as the type to either fail miserably at speed dating, or not require it at all.

lwelyk: Or the type that will be either too male or too absolutely nuts to do it.

PatzPrime: Which is why it sounds like a awesome idea.

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  1. Most people will find four minutes speed dating sufficient time to decide whether there is chemistry with the other person or not.

    • That’s fascinating.

  2. Awww sounds kinda cute.. kinda like a speed friend making with other people that share similar hobbies.. ^_^

    • Except for the whole “desperate anime fans attempt to get laid” angle. I mean, it’s speed dating, and that’s what makes it funny.

  3. “desperate anime fans attempt to get laid”

    Oh boy! Where do I sign up?! =D

    • I believe you go to his site to sign up . . . though you have to attend the con, as well.

      • oh fiddly-possums! >:O

  4. […] so ideal that men would forsake real ties with flesh-and-blood women to bask in it. But we equally acknowledge stereotypes that otaku, by virtue of inferior social status, should be desperate to capitalize on the […]

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