Love is War

If love is war, how do you conduct a guerilla love campaign?

Readers of moritheil were asked this very important question, and their most enlightened responses follow:

First, the inestimable Shawn Butts replied, “With lots of lube?”

Veejay dj_tama left detailed instructions:

Simple. You scout the target, attack with the element of surprise, finish your mission and escape, and leave your target a mess.

Pont1fus was an inquiring mind:

I also want to know. RT @moritheil If love is war, how do you conduct a guerilla love campaign?

MariKurisato questioned the premise, asking, “Is love war?”  (This, of course, was in direct contravention of the teachings of Hatsune Miku-no-Kami.)

“Stalking?” was neito’s succinct reply.

OmegaDogma was almost as brief, suggesting one night stands.

Daring to pun, jeffalopolis instructed,

well first you get a banana…next you break into the zoo…

A-kon photoreporter CallMeQuell noted,

Love may be war—but let’s hope in love, unlike in war, bullheaded determination wins out over strategy. Otherwise, I’m screwed.

Otakureview had a definite solution:

I believe that’s called stalking heh

Not to be outdone, lelangir offered:

surprise buttraep?


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