Horrifying Twitter Admissions

Summer Season is in full swing, and Twitter has turned into the real-life Zetsubo Channel. Not content to be one-upped by the Bandai Panel at Otakon, which urged people to reveal their darkest, most theatrical secrets, the Twits of the blogosphere have been offering up their most disturbing fare.

Everything is included.  JPMeyer offered this relatively light scatological humor:

seinime noted some unusual uses of condensed milk:

http://bit.ly/d8J91 You can’t be serious.

Fasalina showed off her British English whilst insulting eejcloud:

It’s okay, you’re my favourite retard.

Michael_Fan reminded us that the fandom finds political incorrectness uproarious:

A few cosplayers dressed as plain Nazis, not recognizable characters from an anime. Controversy is if Otakon should ban those.

Finally, izumi_saya had the most  despair-inducing tweet:

With or without testicles? Which do you prefer?

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  1. I was featured. Roflmao. Awesome tweets, made my day. But when you see white and sticky…just popped into my mind.

  2. Surprised you didn’t highlight this true story from a few days back http://twitter.com/2009digitalboy/status/4855667717

  3. Right, time stamps are my friends…..

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