Dorama Marches On

When the cat’s away, the mice will play – and when moritheil’s at Otakon, Twitter heats up with dorama!  Did you think that the Summer Season wouldn’t have anything to follow?  Who the hell do you think we are?

Crusader of THAT Anime Blog posts:

I am lazy, but you are both lazy and a sellout…how many moons has it been since you last posted on your own?

Undaunted, Extrange fires back:

@thatblog 1 week. :3

Could this be part of a larger pattern of behavior by Extrange?  Has he been bitten by a wild lolikitsune and transformed into a troll?

@icystorm Tell me one christian branch not involved in corruption, pedophile cases or pure hypocricism.

No, no, his expertise is actually in cybersex.  And clearly:

cybering isn’t trolling -.-y

Extrange clarifies his credentials:

@icystorm @seinime I was banned once for being too realistic in a cyber chat….

There you have it!  Untold ages of sexual experience in the cyberverse have enabled extrange to say with authority:

@thatblog because you are a wuss that can’t leave his mom’s tweet account :3

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