Summer Season Preview

I’m your host, moritheil, and I’ve been entirely too busy to update here.

What now, what now?

Let’s look at what summer has to offer:

– A recap of the K-On! phenomenon and its political ramifications in the twittersphere.
– Art imitating life imitating art.
– A forthcoming Aniblogger RPG.
– The ongoing search for someone to lampoon me.
– Podcast interviews.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. If anyone is going to lampoon you (the internet tells me that means satire), it’s likely going to be me. I just don’t know enough about you to parody you.

  2. – A forthcoming Aniblogger RPG.

    Is there a project I don’t know about, or is this a reference to my visual novel?

    • It’s hard for me to know what you know. You know?

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