Shinn87 pens new manifesto

Yes, that’s right. Zen monk, mad philosopher, and socially inappropriate tweeter shinn87 has once again done something so bold that attention must be paid. Scroll down for a manifesto on how he not only loves loli girls, he wishes to be one.

When gender dysphoria attacks!

Let the would-be moeblob tell you himself, in his own words:

Just thinking how different my life would have been if I had been born the little girl.. just thinking how much happier I would have been.. not wasting my days watching anime but rather enjoying life to its fullest, succeeding where I have failed… Deeper, more meaningful relationships with friends and families. Where would I be right at this moment?

. . .
Spending time with a boyfriend, resting my head against his chest. …Or with a girlfriend even, our soft feminine bodies intertwining… And the little sisters I always think about would actually spend time with me, playing with me, trusting me, cuddling with meI admit it with my whole heart; I truly wish to be the little girl…

Sadly, Shinn87’s exposition was cut short here by the intervention of other anibloggers.

Owen posited:

I do think a new hashtag is in order. #shutupshinn87

Seinime was more sympathetic, but no less adamant:

#shutupshinn87 but seriously, that was deep there.

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  1. This…this is priceless.

    Well played, Mori.

  2. Australia has been doing weird things to Shin’s head I reckon. Having met him in person though, I suspect it’s an issue of fluid identity rather than perversion.

    Priscilla: Queen of the Desert was an Australian film for example. Yes, THAT is how we Aussies are remembered in the LGBT scale. Think about it. Shin comes to a slightly less repressive country than Malaysia and he’s probably learning new things about himself he didn’t know before.

    Oh, and that was my Anime Figure Collector’s manifesto, you misquoted me entirely. Many of my earlier articles have been taken out of context, that article was not written by Shin, but by me. About anime figure collecting. Not about whether I like loli girls. I’m not a lolicon anyway, I like women the same age as me or slightly older.

    • Shin’s titular manifesto is the block quote later in the article. It is linked to his tweets. I have not quoted you at all in this article; I have only put his sentences together in paragraph format.

      I see you are unfamiliar with the way I use links – they are tangential points of departure related only to the link text. The implication is not that your article is about lolis; it is that it is another iteration of the term “manifesto.” A reader who wanted to see other manifestos in the anime blogging community could depart from the text with that link and read something else.

  3. I ❤ Shin

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