Lelangir-moe Unleashed!

Mecha-Hisui as you've never seen her!

Several hours ago, we first reported that Lelangir had been replaced by a moe robot. Here is the full, terrifying evidence. Warning: what you are about to see may shock and disturb you.

Lelangir: uguu~

Lelangir: gao~

Lelangir: auuu~

Lelangir: puni puni~

Lelangir: hai desu~

There you have it, incontrovertible proof that this Lelangir is an imposter.  Follow moritheil on Twitter for more hard-hitting news.

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  1. It’s a trap, once lelangir gets you in his moe grip, he unleashes his otakusphere tentacles and rapes you with the force of the million blogs that he posts on.

  2. yes that’s sono doori – my tentacles are already in you!

  3. I always thought there was something odd about him…

  4. Damn, I knew there was something wrong when I saw his Twitter updates.

  5. […] to kick it old-school. The topic? Locked tweets.  From hinano to thaliarchus, CrimsonRaven to lelangir, it has become fashionable to place limits on who views one’s tweeting. The Peer now spreads […]

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