Twitterpocalypse Now

Super Sentai ABC Leader Owen_S was forced into action again recently.  “Agents of the Fail Whale have begun moving,” he explained.  “Tweets have been disappearing.  We, the ABC, must act in order to protect the peace and justice of this world.”

The Bleach Ranger!

Pressed for a lengthier explanation, he offered this: “As anime bloggers, we are accustomed to reporting on a story.  But in fact, as you read a story, you become a part of the story.  This is our story, our fight against the Nothingness!”

Do not panic,” said fellow aniblogger Omisyth.  “You will die.  I am with you in your fight for justice, though.”

Owen was unmoved by pleas for moderation. “Onward!” he cried.  “To Hell’s Gate!”


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  1. oh, you.

  2. you, oh.

  3. no u

  4. you know…

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