Spring Season Twitter Preview

The Spring season of Twitter promises to bring new and exciting character developments.

I’ll be watching the following shows:

Benu – The revered sensei of blogging is caught in a sudden scandal when a stranger appears claiming to be his long-lost manservant.  What is the grudge that this man from Benu’s past bears, and what secret does this stranger hold?

Owen_S – When a girl from the past calls upon Owen, he is caught between his IRC, blog, and real world personalities. How will he act? What will he do? Will the real face of Owen finally be revealed?

WildArmsHeeroWAH has moved to Japan this season, as its protagonist takes his burning Japanophilia to the next level. He faces all-new challenges in the form of crammed trains, mysterious women from imageboards wanting to meet in person, and danmaku shops threatening to deplete his funds. Ganbatte!

DancingQueen_DQ – What will happen after the unthinkable happens? Our heroine finds herself in the unheard-of position of not having male suitors, after her magical seifuku’s powers mysteriously fade. Will she undertake a perilous quest to reignite her moe aura, or will she decide that her days of fighting for love and justice are over? Find out in this brand-new season of Magical Sailor Dancing Queen!

Zaitcev – Like Tsubasa River Chronicle, this show is best thought of as a sampling of and commentary upon other shows. Author alternately praises and damns – sometimes within the same sentence – leaving viewers guessing as to what will happen next.

What dorama will you be watching?

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  1. When did Dancing Queen ever have a moe aura or seifuku powers?

    • I think since the very first season of Queenie Queenie Dancemi. I’m not sure about the exact episode number.

    • i always had them but secretly hid them from the public, only now was moritheil able to uncover my secret

  2. Speaking as Benu’s PR person, he prefers not to comment further on this issue.

  3. It makes for some entertaining drama, at least. 😛

    • That’s why we’re here 😉

  4. A serious reply here would be unnecessary, but I’m most looking forward to wah’s adventures in Japan, because wah + Japan = WIN, so long as he doesn’t get arrested or something. Then again, it’s Japan 😛

    • Ergo, he could get arrested for being a suspicious-looking gaijin who frequents maid cafes. Oh well, such are the dangers of living the life. 😀

  5. […] further news is afoot.  Benu, revered sensei of aniblogging, has released secret […]

  6. […] is no secret that Benu, the grandmaster of anime podcasting, is enamored of Hayate no Gotoku’s Hinagiku.  Between dedicating songs […]

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